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Fuel Applicator Spray


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Product Description

Product characteristics:

Cleans the entire air intake system of petrol engines.
This unique product is vaporized by the Applicator Spray and flows through the air intake system cleaning inlet tracts, valves, turbo and combustion chambers resulting in smoother running, improved fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.

Application area:

automotive service


To be sprayed in intervals into the air intake system of petrol engines, (after the Air Flow sensor) while the engine is warm and running. If the engine is running stable spray the product into the air intake pipe in one go. If the engine is running unstable spray it into the air intake pipe in short bursts.
Note! The engine has to run at 2,500-3,000 revs per minute during application.


Depending on application

Reaction time:

Works during application

Frost sensitivity: no

Available container sizes: 500 ml Art.-No.: 33139

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